Grand Lady FAQs:

  Do I have to make reservations?

Yes!!! Reservations are necessary and we do require prepayment at the time the reservation is made. Reservations are always non-refundable but are transferable outside of 72 hours of the cruise. With a minimum of 72 hours notice we can transfer the reservation to a different date or give you future credit with us. Once within 72 hours, reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  When should I make reservations by?

As soon as you know for sure what date you would like to come, we recommend you make your reservations. Some of our cruises sell out weeks prior to the date and most do sell out prior to cruise date. Those that wait for the weather forecast and call last minute are often disappointed.

  What if it rains?

Our cruises sail rain or shine. Our main deck dining area and upstairs Captain's Club areas are fully enclosed and equipped with heat and AC so we can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at us. In cases of severe weather, the Captain makes a decision at the time of departure on whether or not to sail. No decisions are based on a forecast. If the captain does decide it is too threatening to sail, the meal is served dockside and customers will receive a voucher equal in value to the cruise only portion of package.

  Where do you sail from?

We sail from Buffalo RiverWorks at 359 Ganson St in Buffalo.

  Is the boat handicapped/wheelchair accessible?

Please inquire about handicap accessibility at the time the reservation is made as it depends on the particular individual's needs. In general, we are not able to accommodate those in motorized or oversized wheelchairs. Please be aware that we do board onto the second deck of the vessel and the main dining area, bar, and restrooms are located down below on the main deck.

  Where do I get our tickets?

We do not use tickets. At boarding time, simply come down to the boat and give your name at the gangplank. For larger groups, we may issue boarding passes to the group leader to be distributed to members of the group.

  What is the dress-code?

While we have no formal dress-code, we classify how most guests dress as “resort-wear casual” or “dressy-casual”. We also suggest you bring a light sweater or jacket with you as even the hottest summer days can become cool evenings on the water.

  Can I smoke aboard the vessel?

No. The Grand Lady is a non-smoking vessel. We ask for all passengers cooperation.

  Can I bring my own food or beverages?

No. All food and beverages consumed aboard must be purchased from Grand Lady Cruises or our approved caterer. The only exception made is for cakes for birthdays or other celebrations. Arrangements for this must be made ahead of time.

  How long into the cruise is the meal served?

For lunch cruises, the meal is served immediately following departure. For our 2.5 hour dinner cruises, we wait about 15-20 minutes after departure to begin serving your meal. This gives you some time to move around the boat, grab a drink (or 2) from the bar, and enjoy the live entertainment before being seated for dinner.

  Where does the cruise go?

Cruise duration and weather conditions dictates the course taken by the vessel and the Captain will make necessary adjustments to cruise route in order to stay in calm waters. From our dock at Buffalo RiverWorks, we travel up the Buffalo River first to Elevator Alley. After turning around, we will cruise out the Buffalo River to the entrance of Lake Erie. From there the route will include some of the following: Buffalo Outer Harbor, Erie Basin Marina, Black Rock Canal near the Peace Bridge, depending on length of cruise and the wind conditions that particular day.

  Where is your office? When is the office open?

We have a seasonal office adjacent to the boat dock. Office hours vary depending on cruise schedule so please call for office hours or to make an appointment to see the boat. Winter hours vary so please leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

  How is seating assigned for dinner cruises? Can we get a table for two?

Seating is assigned in such a way as to accommodate the most number of guests on board. Most tables are meant to seat 6-8 people so we do often ask smaller groups to share tables. Seating assignments are made prior to boarding based on seating requests and the order in which reservations were made. In our opinion, there really isn't a bad seat on the boat. If there is a group of you with separate reservations, just let us know ahead of time and we can seat you all together. Once we begin boarding a cruise, it is very difficult for us to make seating adjustments.

  I have a food allergy. Can I get a special meal?

Yes. Our caterers are very accommodating for food allergies. Please let us know of any specific allergies at the time the reservation is made. We do not cook on board so any special meals do have to be ordered ahead of time.

  Where do we park? Is it free parking?

Just use the regular Buffalo RiverWorks parking lot. We are located behind the ice rinks so, if able, park to your left hand side when you pull in. Parking in the main lot at Buffalo RiverWorks is free. If the main lot is full, there is additional parking in the overflow parking lots at a charge of $5 per car. We encourage guests to use Lyft/Uber or carpool during busier times, particularly weekends. We will do our best to notify guests of when there are large events that may impact parking.

  Are dogs/animals allowed on board the vessel?

Not usually. For the comfort of all of our guests, we allow only certified service dogs on board the boat. Under normal circumstances this does not include emotional support animals. Please inquire before making your reservation if you would like more information on this policy.

  it was a great evening, great food, drinks and music. this was a well needed night out for my wife and I who have a 3 Year old and 1 year old. It was a perfect evening get away. We felt as iff we could have been in the south or the west coast on vacation but we were just a few minutes away from our home. Perfect Well done by the crew of Grand lady Cruises. thank you for having this option available for us to do .  

~ TripAdvisor Review from RooK911

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A boat cruise on the Grand Lady offers many opportunities to enjoy one of the best parts of the Buffalo Niagara Region, our waterfront. The Grand Lady is an 80 foot yacht style luxury cruise vessel offering a variety of public cruise options including lunch, dinner, sightseeing, beer & wine tasting, and special event cruises. Specializing in private charters for all occasions, the Grand Lady is the perfect venue for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, showers, corporate events, and any social gathering you can think of. Let us help you tie the knot with an intimate wedding reception on the water, complete with an on board ceremony by the Captain!